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We Protect Your Business Website From Predatory Litigation & Harsh Penalties


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Complete ADA Compliance Certification & Site Panel Testing

Protect your online properties from being sued under the Americans With Disabilities act with the help of our legal compliance expertise. Not only will we do a full site audit, but we will also ensure every aspect of your website is 100% ADA & WCAG Compliant according to the latest legal requirements and regulations

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Customized Legal Pages & Policies For Business Websites Based On Sector

Get your website's legal pages created specifically for your business. These include but not limited to: Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, General & Legal Disclaimers, Return & Refund Policy, Shipping Policy, Cookie Consent Policy, ADA-Compliant Accessibility Statement

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Proprietary Brand Widgets For Company GDPR & ADA Compliance

Our ADA widget ensures a great website experience for all site visitors, regardless of disability or impairment issues. Also protect yourself from consent laws with our tried and tested Cookie widget to notify your site visitors and gain their express consent, thus avoiding GDPR violations and other potential lawsuits.

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Privacy Policies
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About Us

We are a legal compliance services agency, founded by a team of legal compliance experts with over a decade of experience and accomplishments. We aim to help our clients protect their online properties from predatory litigation by competitors and educate them on how to better respond to regulatory and compliance issues on the internet. We do this by employing state of the art technology managed by a fully qualified team of law and engineering professionals from around the world. 


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    What Is The ADA & WCAG Act And How Does It Affect Your Business?

    Even if your website is up to date, it still could be Breaking The Law at this very moment by not being compliant. ADA is an acronym for Americans With Disability Act and WCAG is Website Content Accessibility Guidance. In short, your website needs to be ADA & WCAG compliant or face the real possibility of being sued for thousands or millions of dollars. These type of lawsuits are on the rise and projected to grow even bigger over the next few months. Not being compliant means you are susceptible to lawsuits and litigation AT ANY TIME.


    Get Your Business Website Protected Today And Avoid The Risk Of Huge Lawsuits

    Your one-stop solution for all of your site's Legal Compliance needs

  • Highly-Skilled Team & Risk-Free Guarantee

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    Recent Testimonials

    "Legal Wire has been a great help in getting our website compliant with the latest legal requirements. Their team is very professional and knowledgeable, and always up-to-date with the latest regulations and requirements, and they help us make sure our website is compliant with all the necessary laws and regulations. They have been a great partner in helping us run our business smoothly and legally."

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    Dave Thompson - Marketing Entrepreneur

    "The team is very effective in ensuring that my website is compliant with all the relevant legal requirements. The customer service is also excellent, and I always feel reassured that my website is in good hands. I highly recommend using Legal Wire to ensure that your website is compliant with all relevant legal regulations. They offer an excellent service that is both comprehensive and affordable."

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    Mary Shanahan - Founder & CEO

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    Get Legally Compliant In Four Simple Steps

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    Contact us for a FREE and thorough audit of your site.

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    We will send you back a detailed report identifying red areas. 

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    Then, decide on a course of action with our low-priced plans.

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    All set! We get to work straight away and fix every single issue.

    Protect Your Business Website Right Away!

    The number 1 compliance service for multiple businesses across the world

    Using premium tools and decades of expertise, we will help your company stay on the right side of online compliance. For any questions, to schedule a service, or to request a quote, fill out the form and our team will contact you very soon.

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    Making The Digital World A Safer Place 

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